Custom drape denim maxi skirt

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Custom made denim long maxi skirt. . 
 Falls with a flow. 

Skirt is meant to have an Edgy look! 
Skirt is a little heavy due to maxi denim.

✔️Please note your height so it can be accordingly. Very long skirt 

Be advised there is a petticoat underneath the skirt and on a mannequin for the fullness and show. So it will not look exactly the same on a human body. Picture is to show the fullness of skirt. 

📌Each skirt will not look the exact when it comes to color of denim on top and in different areas, top part will not be exact as picture, colors on top won’t be the same due to the denim used. Each fall of denim will not be on exact place as picture.   But will have the same long maxi edgy  style.  

 PLEASE ALLOW UP TO 12-15 business days to process and ship out. Custom items are made once ordered.  

*See size details* 

SMALL WAIST:  24-26”


LARGE: 30”-33” 

XL/1Xl- 34-35” 

2Xl- 36-38”

3Xl- 40-42”